Price points that are surprisingly affordable.

Landscape design isn’t a one size fits all type of service,
and we have solutions that fit any project or budget


Our design costs are dictated by the size and scope of your project.

We have a pricing worksheet that we have developed to objectify the costs of our landscape designs. It takes into account existing elements (size of your home, terrain, etc.) and combines it with the new design elements (i.e. patio size, planting arrangements, etc.) to generate a design cost. This results in a more accurate reflection of cost than other methods such as pricing by the size of your yard. You may only be looking to perform a small patio project on a 2 acre lot, or you could have a full-scale outdoor living project with a pool on ½ acre lot – we believe the price should represent the scope of these projects, not the lot size.

Lifelike Renderings

Accessible visualizations with depth and dimension

Our most popular design package delivers 3D landscape design images that are so realistic we refer to them as “lifelike” renderings. They provide you with the ability to live with your project before actually making the investment to have it installed.

How It Works:

After we have gone through our initial consultation and agreed that a ‘Lifelike Rendering’ will be the design option that best suits your project, we begin to prepare the “bones” of the design into a base model to show existing elements. When we have this ready (typically within a few days of receiving the information) we are ready to hop on a second virtual meeting to review the base model and discuss the detailed specifics of the new additions that we will be designing into the space. We begin to bring the design to life live on-screen during the meeting to give you a visual of the direction we are headed. When it looks like we have it on the right track, we are good to go to complete the design and schedule the third personal touchpoint – the design presentation.

Perfect for:

Outdoor living spaces, patios, walkways, and large landscape renovations

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Starting at $499


Your picture viewed through a designer’s lens

We believe that not all projects warrant the expense of a full 3D design, so we introduced a landscape design solution with the lowest price point in the market.

How It Works:

This process is as simple as sending us as many pictures as you would like to have edited and we get started working our magic for a new landscape design – after reviewing the project with you, of course! We then schedule a design presentation to review the images together, answer any questions, and gather any feedback if revisions are desired.

Not only are these the most affordable landscape designs available, you still get the benefit of our delightfully personal approach with the opportunity to talk to us live throughout the process!

Perfect for:

Small landscape renovations or new planting beds

2D image icon

$149 for the first image,

$39 for each additional image


A virtually real design experience

For the ultimate in landscape design services available, our ‘Reserve Collection’ is for those who desire the most realistic experience possible. Any of our ‘Lifelike Rendering’ designs have the capability to become a virtual reality landscape design.

How It Works:

We begin with a ‘Lifelike Rendering’ design and make a few adjustments to generate a landscape that can be viewed through a VR headset. The best part…we then ship a laptop and headset directly to you to view from the comfort of your home! It is a pretty awesome experience to be able to truly immerse yourself in your new outdoor living space. The rest of the design process works just like the ‘Lifelike Rendering’ process with the same personal touchpoints throughout.

Perfect for:

Large-scale outdoor living spaces

Virtual Reality Icon

Starting at $899

Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question about our landscape design services? Browse through this collection of questions that we respond to most frequently to see if there is a quick answer available. If you don’t see your particular question listed, drop us a line and we will show you exactly what we mean by our delightfully personal service approach!

How long does it take to have a design prepared?

Our typical turn-around time to get a design in your hands is two weeks after our initial consultation. Small scale designs can be turned around in less time, and large-scale projects may require additional time. After the preliminary design is presented, any requested changes are made within three business days and resubmitted for your review.

Can we make changes to the design if we don’t like it?

Absolutely! We have developed a detailed design process that is intended to capture your vision as best as we can the first time around, but revisions are commonplace and welcome. Our intent is to leave you with a plan that you will love for years to come, so don’t be afraid to ask to see what the design would look like with changes! Other organizations typically charge for revisions at a point in the process, but we do not feel this is appropriate and stand behind our work with a satisfaction guarantee that includes UNLIMITED REVISIONS.1

1 – To qualify for unlimited revisions all action items requested by SCAPES must be fulfilled.

How will the design be submitted to me?

Design images and any additional documents are shared via a Google Drive folder. This helps expedite the delivery process and ensures you retain access to the design documents for the foreseeable future. Hard copies of the designs may be available upon request – just let us know how we can help and we will do our best to accommodate!

Can we see what the design will look like at night?

Yes! Landscape lighting is a powerful tool to add increased aesthetic, function, and safety to outdoor living spaces and our design programs have the capability to show lighting incorporated into a design. Most of our design packages have the option to include lighting as a project add-on. Feel free to reach out if you would like to see what designs with lighting look like or questions on how to add it to your project.

Do the actual plants and materials look as they appear in the design?

The software programs we use to create your design are industry-specific and industry leading. There are a lot of software programs on the market, and they are not all equal or specific to the landscape industry. The programs we implement were selected for their quality of graphics, accuracy of material and measurements, and efficiency of use (to help keep costs down for you). With that being said, we attempt to clearly communicate during the design presentation that the images are “visual representations” of the proposed landscape investment, and some variation in appearance may occur from what you see in the images.

How do I know how large the plants are going to be when fully grown?

One of the advantages of using landscape specific design software is the feature of being able to size plants. Shrubs and perennials, which are relatively “quick” growers, are shown in the design at their full, mature size. For trees, we typically illustrate their size in the ten-to-fifteen-year range as they may take fifty or more years to fully mature – an unrealistic timeframe to show for most landscape designs. This provides an accurate representation of what you can expect your landscape to look like in the years to come. In addition to this, our designers are highly skilled in plant selection. Wrong plant in the wrong place is one of the most commons mistakes in landscape design and leads to unnecessary levels of maintenance. To combat this, we strategically select plants that will work well with each other at their mature size.

Flexible, Affordable Landscape Designs

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Get ready to fall in love with your beautiful new outdoor living space! We’re so confident you’ll love our work (based on your ideas, of course) that we guarantee it by offering unlimited revisions to your design.